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Chapter 328 He Cried

  • I hid myself in the sheets and looked down at my lap. How I wished I could bury myself in these sheets.
  • I waited for Xi Qingchuan to start yelling at me. I waited for a very long time, but he didn't make a single sound. I couldn't stand it anymore. I pulled the sheets away. Then, I caught the look in Xi Qingchuan's eyes.
  • I was shocked. I tried to pull the sheets over me again but he caught my hands. He sounded hoarse when he spoke.
  • "I'm sorry, Xiao Sheng."
  • Xi Qingchuan's sudden apology bewildered me.
  • I had had the shock of my life. My head was clouded with confusion and chaos. I wasn't exactly very smart either. His sudden apology was like a spanner thrown into the clockwork. The gears in my head struggled furiously to move.
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