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Chapter 323 You Want to Avenge Her? Get In Line

  • My eyes widened comically as I stared at Qiao Yi. Her left eye was bruised. The rest of her face was littered with bruises too. A red mark colored her jaw. She was covered in injuries.
  • I reached out and pulled her arm towards me. I asked, "Why did he aim for your face?"
  • "That's not the only place he aimed for," she said before yanking her sleeves up. "He aimed for my arms and my legs and my ass too."
  • Qiao Yi looked like a battle-worn general proudly showing off the scars she had earned on the battlefield.
  • "Look at this, and this, and this..." she pointed at her bruises and said.
  • "Qiao Yi," I grabbed her hand and said. I was at a loss for words. "Why did you get into a fight with Xi Qingchuan? You gain nothing out of it. Look at the bruises you're spotting!"
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