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Chapter 300 He Didn't Come Looking for Me

  • Qiao Yi's mother wasn't home. Qiao Yi said that she was at the hospital. Qiao Jianqi's mother, Wu Simei had gotten into one of her crazy moods and had been harassing Qiao Yi's father at the hospital for the past few days. She would dredge up the past and remind how Qiao Yi's father had abandoned her and her son. She would crow maliciously about how he was suffering for his past actions.
  • Qiao Yi seemed extremely calm when she told me what Wu Simei had said. In the past, she would have been blinded by rage. She would've grabbed any weapon that she could get her hands on and hunted Wu Simei down for a fight.
  • It had only been a few days, and yet Qiao Yi had changed. She had matured so very quickly.
  • It wouldn't be long before she grew strong and mature enough to shoulder the responsibilities of the entire family and the Qiao Group. She was going to take great care of her parents. She was going to defend the Qiao Group from their rivals. My chest brimmed with pride for Qiao Yi.
  • I settled down at the Qiao residence. Xi Qingchuan didn't call me that night. He didn't call me the second night, or the third. I had no work to be done, so I didn't turn up at the Xiao Organization for work.
  • Qiao Yi was busy with work. She wanted to keep me company, but she simply couldn't find the time for it.
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