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Chapter 30 The Fact That I'm Not Crying Doesn't Mean That I'm Not Sad

  • My father’s funeral had ended. It had been a grand and solemn event. I had felt nothing. I had been like a zombie. The only bit of comfort I got was from the fact that I could carry my father’s funeral portrait. It had made me feel that slight bit closer to him.
  • Xi Qingchuan and I had not said a single word to each other during the entire ceremony. My stepmother and the rest of my family had ignored me completely. I had become a complete stranger.
  • I hadn’t minded at all. I didn’t care what they thought of me, and I didn’t care if they thought about me at all.
  • I had been caught in my own world. Everyone had wept. Xiao Lingling and my stepmother had fainted one after the other, as if they had been in some sort of contest.
  • The sorrow that my stepmother had felt was probably genuine. Xiao Lingling, on the other hand, had probably been putting up an act.
  • Xiao Shi had been devastated. She had cried the entire time. Xi Qingchuan had been by her side the entire time as well.
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