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Chapter 29 You Finally Tired?

  • “Who cares?” Qiao Yi rubbed her nose. “What’s my dad’s company got to do with me?”
  • “You’re heartless. All that money you’ve been spending on food and drinks and clothes. Aren’t they your dad’s hard-earned money?”
  • “I’m his daughter. Of course I should be spending his money. Should I be spending my godfather’s money instead?” Qiao Yi hugged my shoulder and laughed. Her eyes suddenly froze at a spot behind me. “Xi Qingchuan’s just come downstairs. Oh, man. Xiao Sheng, is he huge? Is he good?”
  • I couldn’t be bothered to say anything more to this female ruffian. I shoved her away.
  • “Stop being so crass. You’ll never get married at this rate.”
  • “Just tell me. Xi Qingchuan, the man who’s forever in the limelight. What does he look like in bed?”
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