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Chapter 283 Some Advice Just Don't Work Well for Me

  • Qiao Jianqi was being honest with me. I should return the courtesy and stop being such a coward, shouldn't I?
  • "Number one," I said honestly, "Xi Qingchuan's a control freak. Number two, you just returned to the country and will be taking over the running of your father's company. I don't think you want to offend Xi Qingchuan."
  • Qiao Jianqi grinned and flashed his teeth at me. He didn't seem concerned at all. He said, "I heard that everyone in Hua City's afraid of Xi Qingchuan. Doesn't matter if you're one of the common folk or a giant in the business world. Is he that frightening?"
  • I was unable to describe to him how truly terrifying Xi Qingchuan was. It was something that he had to experience for himself.
  • Qiao Jianqi looked fearless, like he had never known fear in his life. I wasn't going to become collateral damage if he wanted to poke the bear.
  • "I'll get out here," I told him anxiously. "I can walk in myself."
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