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Chapter 274 Let's Have Coffee

  • A tall man stood in front of me. He had a tan, healthy-looking complexion and rather long hair. It was tied up in a short ponytail. He had a wild and carefree look about him.
  • He was very good looking. His features were sharp and handsome, and he looked a little familiar. I couldn't quite pin down whom he reminded me of though.
  • He was wearing a black t-shirt and black denim jeans. His firm chest filled his t-shirt really well. That must be why he had asked if I had hurt myself walking into him.
  • I could have gotten hurt walking into a chest as hard as that.
  • "I'm really sorry," I shook my head and said. "I should've watched where I was going."
  • The man reached out suddenly and got his fingers around a lock of my hair. I was startled and tried to move away. In the midst of my panic, I tripped over my own feet. My ankle twisted as I started to fall.
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