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Chapter 27 I Appeared to Have Gotten Myself Into Something

  • There wasn’t anyone in the garden. Further ahead was a small patch of forest and beyond that was the greenhouse. My father had loved cultivating orchids. The greenhouse was filled with his precious and expensive orchids.
  • No matter how strong his urges were, Xi Qingchuan couldn’t possibly do anything bold in broad daylight, right under the eyes of so many people. He would find a discreet spot.
  • I hesitated between checking out the forest and the greenhouse. It was then that Qiao Yi caught up with me. She held onto my wrist and said, “I’ll help you check the forest. You head for the greenhouse. Don’t worry. I’ll stay away from Xi Qingchuan if I see him. I won’t touch him.”
  • Who cared if she did? How could I let her go though? The shit was going to hit the fans if she saw Xi Qingchuan and Bai Yu going at it.
  • “You get back to my room now,” I said. “You’re not allowed to see anything.”
  • Qiao Yi was momentarily stunned. Then, a look of understanding appeared on her face. She held her hand up in an “OK” gesture and said, “I know, I know. My advice is to go for the greenhouse. It’s beautiful and romantic, good for some outdoor action. Hahahaha!”
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