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Chapter 267 Just Give Up Your Office

  • "This is a family business. Who's quibbling over the legalities here?" Xi Qingchuan said with a mirthless smile. "They might not have the power to make her give up her position as the CEO, but it's clear that she's lost the popularity vote. How is she going to manage the company if she can't get people to listen to her?"
  • "Didn't we get the management to spend the night at the hospital that time? They behaved and listened to Xiao Sheng then, didn't they?"
  • "And why did they do that?" Xi Qingchuan leaned forward and stared at us.
  • Everyone knew that it hadn't been because they had been afraid of me. They had been afraid of Xi Qingchuan.
  • Qiao Yi rolled her eyes. She might not be happy about it, but she probably knew that too.
  • "Xiao Sheng," Xi Qingchuan said as he yanked me forward and away from Qiao Yi. He stared hard at me. "Do you think that I can keep this up for you forever? Hmm?"
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