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Chapter 264 Don't Fall in Love With Me

  • Naturally, I wasn't sliced up into pieces. The machine was extremely gentle with me. The moving parts spun around my head once. A moment later, I was slid out of the chamber.
  • Xi Qingchuan was still standing where he had been standing a moment ago. The lights in the room were colored strangely and cast a strange glow on his face.
  • He helped me off the machine. His hands felt cool. I was quite sure that it wasn't because he was feeling nervous.
  • The results were out in no time. The doctor approached us as soon as Xi Qingchuan got me into the wheelchair. He had my medical report in his hands.
  • "Mr. Xi, Mrs. Xi's CT scan shows that there's nothing wrong with her brain."
  • "Doctor, let's speak outside," Xi Qingchuan said. He took the report from the doctor and walked away. I had a strange feeling that I had just been diagnosed with a terminal disease and that Xi Qingchuan and the doctor were ganging up and not letting me know that.
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