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Chapter 251 Are You Made of Paper?

  • The winds howled and blew fiercely at me. My head swam. It was dizzy from the winds and from what Xi Qingchuan had done.
  • Maybe he had realized that he had been treating me too nicely. He wanted to show me what was hidden beneath his gentle smiles.
  • What should I do now?
  • I turned around and peered into the distance. Qiao Yi’s car was too far away. I was left with no choice but to run after Xi Qingchuan’s car. It had slowed down again.
  • Sometimes, that was the only option I was left with. Left with nowhere to retreat, I could only advance.
  • I braved the rain and caught up with Xi Qingchuan’s car. As soon as my hand landed on the handle, the car sped up again and left me in the dust. The tires screeched and sent puddles of water splashing. I was soaked in rain water.
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