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Chapter 247 The Press Conference Was a Failure

  • “I’m not hurt. You’re overthinking things,” I said before struggling out of his arms. We were on the stairs. I dared not move too much. I was worried that I might slip and tumble down the stairs.
  • “You’re pretending that you’re fine. That seems to be the only thing you’ve learned from Qiao Yi,” he laughed softly. He caught my chin with two fingers.
  • He seemed happy. I thought I sensed confidence emanating from him too. He was so sure that there was no woman in this world who could resist him.
  • A sudden discomfort came over me.
  • Qiao Yi had been right. If I were truly in love with Xi Qingchuan, then I was going to lose if I decided to remain by his side.
  • I shouldn’t be feeling anything for him. I could see where this would lead me.
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