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Chapter 245 You Should Look Out for Yourself

  • What Qiao Yi had said did make sense. I carefully recalled what had happened. She had kept quiet when I had asked her if she had been heading for Xi Qingchuan’s birthday party. When I had handed the piece of paper with the address of the party written on it to her, she had taken it. Was it possible that Xi Qingchuan hadn’t invited her to the party in the first place?
  • My thoughts spiraled into a mess of confusion and bewilderment as I thought about this. I had always thought of Xiao Shi as a gentle, honest and good person. She was elegant and classy. She would never resort to underhanded means.
  • I shook my head furiously.
  • “That’s impossible. Xiao Shi wouldn’t do something like that.”
  • “You’re really her number one fan, aren’t you?” Qiao Yi jabbed her finger into my head and said. “Are you an idiot? She’s your rival. Why would she help you? That would be madness.”
  • “I told you. She was the one who was with Xi Qingchuan first. I came after.”
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