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Chapter 238 Why Was I Running?

  • Ni Yizhou arrived at the hospital around eleven at night. His clothes were rumpled and he looked completely worn out.
  • He flooded me with thanks and apologies as soon as he saw me.
  • “Xiao Sheng, I’m really sorry for taking up your entire evening.”
  • “It’s no trouble at all,” I said as I handed him a towel. “Is it raining outside? Your clothes look wet.”
  • “It’s just a drizzle,” he said, before giving me an apologetic look. “Have you eaten anything at all?”
  • I didn’t get hungry at night. I had gone downstairs and gotten myself a sandwich while the doctor had been giving Ni Yizhou’s mother a medical examination. I had barely gotten two bites into the sandwich before I had been done with it.
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