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Chapter 236 Sheng, When Are You and Yizhou Getting Married?

  • I was stupefied by what she had just said. It took me a while to snap back at her.
  • “You’ve never fallen in love properly at all. Look at you going on like you know what you’re talking about.”
  • “Lady, I’m battle-worn and experienced, alright? No one ever said that you had to be in one relationship for decades in order to know what love is. I’m in love all the time.”
  • I lost interest in the conversation. I almost hurt my hands when I went back to sculpting.
  • After work, I stayed in the office and finished sculpting the rest of the jade statue before I headed home. Qiao Yi had wanted to keep me company but I had chased her home.
  • Surprisingly, Xi Qingchuan didn’t call me and demanded for me to get back home right that instant. On other days, he would have hounded me until my phone battery went flat from all those calls.
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