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Chapter 23 Have You Considered the Possibility That You Might Not Be Your Father's Daughter?

  • My stepmother went upstairs. My eldest sister and her husband left the area shortly. Mr. Ding brought the dog over, circled the entrance for a while, and then left with the dog.
  • I didn’t know why Xi Qingchuan was helping me. I whispered a soft ‘thank you’ to him. He ignored me and headed for the altar instead.
  • Qiao Yi curled her lips.
  • “Hmph. How arrogant. Ignore him. He’s the one who spent an entire night with Xiao Shi. What’s up with that?”
  • I wasn’t in the mood for that. I turned around and told Qiao Yi.
  • “It’s late. You don’t have to keep me company. Go back and have some rest.”
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