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Chapter 226 An Effective Warning

  • Xi Qingchuan wasn’t particularly intimidating. In fact, he had a faint smile on his lips.
  • The receptionist seemed very nervous though. I could see the sides of her lips twitching.
  • “The, the CEO,” she stammered weakly.
  • “I see, the CEO then. I was wondering if your company’s somehow different from all other companies. You did a pretty perfect bow when you saw Xiao Shi and greeted her. Why didn’t you do the same when you saw your CEO? You didn’t even bother getting up.”
  • Color drained from the terrified receptionist’s face instantly. She had both her palms clutching the edge of the counter. Her fingertips had turned pale from the force of her grip.
  • “I… that’s not… the CEO…”
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