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Chapter 221 Ni Yizhou Withdrew the Appeal

  • I slept uneasily, like a newborn baby, that night.
  • I would wake up in the middle of the night. I found Xi Qingchuan next to me reading some documents the first few times I woke up. I would sneak a look at him. His features looked soft under the warm, faint light.
  • The sight of him looking down at his documents was beautiful. My breath was taken away and I became mesmerized by how good looking he was.
  • When I woke up again in the latter part of the night, it was to darkness. The lights had been turned off. Xi Qingchuan had fallen asleep next to me.
  • I reached out and touch his forehead. It was still slightly warm to the touch.
  • “Do you want some water?” I asked him.
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