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Chapter 213 You Left Xiao Shi Alone on the Island?

  • Xi Qingchuan couldn’t stop sneezing. He was drenched. I thought I could see white mist rising from his body in the dark. He looked like a ghost that had stepped right out of the television set. A ghost that had outlived its time on earth and was going to be dragged down into hell.
  • The thought of that terrified me. I rummaged hastily through the room, found a box of tissue and handed it to him.
  • “Xi Qingchuan, are you looking into a light at the end of the tunnel right now?”
  • It took him a great deal of effort to stop sneezing. He held onto the side of the bed and got to his feet. Bai Yu walked in then.
  • He might have been standing at the doorway all along. I wouldn’t have noticed.
  • There was a towel in his hands.
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