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Chapter 211 Bai Yu, Take Me Away

  • Xi Qingchuan had kissed me many, many times, at all kinds of occasions. It didn’t matter where or when. He would kiss me whenever and wherever he wanted to. As long as he wanted to.
  • Xi Qingchuan did whatever he wanted. I had never met a man who acted upon his desires as assertively as Xi Qingchuan.
  • Most of the time, I was powerless to stop him. Sometimes, I simply yielded to his impulses.
  • This time, I resisted with everything that I had. If there had been an ashtray on the table next to me, I would’ve reached for it and sent it flying towards him.
  • Xi Qingchuan ended up being shoved onto the ground. He gave me a look filled with incredulity and confusion.
  • “Seems like you do feel unwell,” he said, with a hoarse, nasally voice.
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