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Chapter 195 Why Would I Have Such Dreams?

  • I didn’t expect my room to be so spacious or so luxurious. It looked like a room right out of a five-star hotel.
  • I had thought the yacht that I had taken the last time had been the height of luxury. It appeared that I had been wrong. A yacht could hardly compare with an actual cruise ship.
  • I sighed. Bai Yu came and delivered me my pills. He handed two pills to me and said, “These work really well. Get some sleep after taking them. The seasickness will stop when you wake up.”
  • “Thank you for bringing those pills with you. You thought of everything.”
  • “Mr. Xi told me to bring them along. He said that you get seasick easily.”
  • “Don’t let Xi Qingchuan get all the credit. He’s not that nice.”
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