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Chapter 188 I Need Comforting

  • “Save it!” I said and stuck my hand out at her. “Give me that.”
  • “I’ll walk you in.”
  • “No,” I refused flatly. “You’re going to laugh at Xi Qingchuan when you see him.”
  • “Why did he eat the crabs if he knew that he was allergic to them? How much of a glutton is he? I’m going to laugh so hard in his face, he’ll never dare appear in front of me again.”
  • “Please, I beg you,” I pleaded. I was horrified. “Stop being a troublemaker for a second, will you? Xi Qingchuan’s been really accommodating of your antics. Remember how you hit him in the head, then gave him a slap on the face? He didn’t do anything to you after that.”
  • “Hey, you’re right!” Qiao Yi leaned against the window and said excitedly. “Why’s that? What do you think?”
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