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Chapter 172 Things Seem to Have Spiraled out of Control

  • I didn’t know if Ni Yizhou was going to listen to Qiao Yi. I couldn’t say for certain that Ni Yizhou had been wrong to do what he had done too. Perhaps we simply had different ideas on how things should be done.
  • I wouldn’t hurt anyone to achieve my ends. Lawyers on the other hand probably enjoyed finding their opponents’ weaknesses and hitting where it hurt.
  • After I’d calmed down slightly, I sat back in bed and began fiddling with my phone.
  • The headline news was still on Xi Qingchuan and my trip to the spa. The paparazzi’s tone in their articles seemed rather unfriendly though.
  • “Rich man overdoes it with PR stunt. Bathroom kiss seems staged. Staff comments: they didn’t talk at all.”
  • Hadn’t Xi Qingchuan staged the trip to the spa and arranged for the media to take photos of us? Why had their articles turn out like this? They didn’t seem to be on our side at all.
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