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Chapter 171 It Seems Kind of Despicable

  • I wasn’t sure if Ni Yizhou was an idiot, but his actions had been a little too extreme.
  • Xi Qingchuan, on the other hand, sounded perfectly reasonable. He had given me the freedom to make my own choice. I could feel a headache coming on right now.
  • If I were to deny that I had even instructed Ni Yizhou to act on my behalf, Xi Qingchuan would sue him and he would lose the case. His career as a lawyer and his future would be ruined.
  • Was I supposed to go against my conscience and lie that I had given Ni Yizhou permission to file a lawsuit against Xi Qingchuan?
  • My thoughts were in a mess. My mind was like a field overgrown with grass. A helicopter had landed unexpectedly in the middle of that field. Its rotor blades spun furiously, rousing the long grass and sending them whipping fiercely and haphazardly in the wind.
  • I had no idea when Xi Qingchuan had been done with the massage and left the room. I lay sprawling on the bed for quite some time, before I finally felt my neck growing stiff. I slowly sat up. I thought for a moment, then decided to give Ni Yizhou a call.
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