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Chapter 166 Xiao Sheng, Tell Me a Story

  • Xi Qingchuan’s mansion and the hospital were barely two miles apart. The meter wouldn’t have jumped if we had hailed a cab. But our car ride to the hospital had been more challenging than the journey to the west. I had suffered a second fall. I had a feeling that my shoulder blade must be fractured at this point. It really hurt like hell.
  • Xi Qingchuan wormed into the backseat and pushed my face down onto his lap. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder so that I wouldn’t fall off the seats again.
  • A snail might just beat us at the speed that Dr. Xu was driving. The fragrant smell of grilled meat drifted in from the street stalls into the car. The stall owners thought we were interested in getting supper because of how slowly the car was moving. We were greeted with boisterous hawking as we drove past.
  • “Would you like to get a few mutton skewers?”
  • I bet Xi Qingchuan had never had something like that. Qiao Yi often brought me to such places for skewers though.
  • The chef her family hired cooked great dishes. But she loved eating at these stalls on the streets. She had insisted that their skewers were one of the best things you could have on this earth. Her family chef was probably going to break out into tears and start crying into the stove if he heard what she had said.
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