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Chapter 155 The One Who Sets the Rules of the Game Owns the Upper Hand

  • “They’re working on the restoration works for your mother’s house.”
  • “How do they know what it looked like formerly?”
  • He tilted his chin upwards and gestured at something in front of us. That was when I saw a huge blueprint unrolled across a table before us.
  • I ran over and got a good look at it. The layout in the blueprint was almost an exact replica of the original layout of my mother’s house.
  • “How did you know what this house used to look like?”
  • “I saw the picture you drew in office. You were done with your sketching but it didn’t look like a professional blueprint at all. Without a trained architect to help you sketch a proper blueprint, there’s no way anyone would be able to start work on the house’s restoration based on what you’ve drawn.”
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