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Chapter 153 Why Are You Nervous?

  • Xi Qingchuan probably couldn’t understand what I had said.
  • “You’re lying to yourself and to everyone else,” he said with a raised eyebrow.
  • “That’s not true. My dad brought me back to the Xiao residence so that I could have a better life. It would upset him to find out that I was miserable. Besides, what Xiao Lingling and my stepmother did weren’t that much of a deal. I could take it.”
  • “They’re just going to trample all over you if you allow them to.”
  • “Let them. My stepmother never received any love from my dad while Xiao Lingling never received any attention in the family. Every person who bullies another person suffers from an unhappy life,” I smiled at him and said. “Only a person who is strong enough knows how to endure suffering.”
  • “Don’t find excuses for your weakness.”
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