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Chapter 133 The House My Mother Had Lived In

  • I called Mrs. Xu to let her know that I won’t be having dinner at home tonight. It was the equivalent of letting Xi Qingchuan know that I was taking the night off. He didn’t care whether I came home anyway. He rarely had dinner at home.
  • My mother-in-law had a busy schedule even though she didn’t work for the Xi Enterprise. She kept her time filled with work at charities like the Red Cross and rarely had dinner at home. Granny sometimes had her vegetarian meals in the temple on the estate. She rarely ate in the dining area too. I only needed to inform Mrs. Xu if I weren’t coming back for dinner.
  • I had spent a great deal of effort dissuading Qiao Yi from tagging along. I believed firmly that Xiao Shi wasn’t the kind of person that Qiao Yi had said that she was. As for my stepmother and Xiao Lingling, I knew that they disliked me very much. But I was a grown adult. What could they do to me?
  • They couldn’t simply poison me and dump my dead body somewhere, right?
  • They wouldn’t get any part of what my father had left me in his will even if they killed me. Xi Qingchuan would probably inherit everything.
  • The thought of that made me break out in a cold sweat.
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