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Chapter 121 You Want to Show Me the Real World? Who Do You Think You Are?

  • I wouldn’t have been able to laugh out loud if I were Qiao Yi.
  • “You got the press to attend the event. Do you know how petty Xi Qingchuan is? You played him like a fool and called him a jerk. You got the press to take photos of the entire event. He’s going to kill you.”
  • “He doesn’t have the balls to do that,” Qiao Yi said smugly. She opened another bottle of beer before the skewers were ready and started chugging half a bottle of beer down. “Come on, Xiao Sheng, cheers!”
  • Her high spirits were infectious. They got me into a grand mood as well.
  • I got a bottle of beer opened too. I was a mediocre drinker, but nothing could stop a person from drinking once they were in the mood.
  • I emptied half a bottle of beer in a single gulp too.
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