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Bewedded, Not Beloved

Bewedded, Not Beloved

Update: 2021-07-16

Chapter 1 Xi Qingchuan, Aren't You a Bottom?

  • Xi Qingchuan’s grandmother was admitted to the hospital. He wasn’t picking up his phone, so I had no choice but to look for him at his office.
  • His attractive secretary frantically held me back at the door.
  • “Miss Xiao, I’m so sorry, but please wait outside for a moment. Our president’s in the middle of something now.”
  • “Why, is he showering?” We had been married for a while but his staff continued to address me as “Miss Xiao”. It must be something Xi Qingchuan had instructed them to do.
  • Granny had felt a sudden discomfort in her chest and had been warded. She only wanted to see Xi Qingchuan and no one else. What was I to do if I couldn’t find him?
  • I shoved the sexy secretary aside and marched right in without knocking. Trailing behind me was the frantic, high-pitched voice of the secretary.
  • “Miss Xiao, President, I…”
  • Wasn’t she overreacting a little? We were in Xi Qingchuan’s office. What could he be doing in there that was so embarrassing, that no one should be seeing?
  • Well. Funny, that. Because…
  • When I saw what was happening on the sofa before me, I immediately retracted what I had just thought.
  • What kind of bizarre and sensual picture was I seeing right before my eyes?
  • On the sofa. Two tall men, one mounted on the other, on the sofa.
  • Xi Qingchuan was the one below. He was naked from the waist up, the muscular lines of his back sensual and tempting. His pants had been pushed down so low, some form of pixelated censorship was going to be necessary. I could see the tattoo on his left ass cheek. I couldn’t tell exactly what he had tattooed on his ass. What I could see clearly was the hand fondling his right ass cheek.
  • In fact, I knew the man lying on top of him. It was his soft-spoken, fair-faced, pretty-looking personal assistant, Bai Yu.
  • Woah. I might have just come across a terrible secret.
  • The two men on the sofa heard the commotion and quickly got off the sofa.
  • Bai Yu’s handsome face flushed hot when he saw him. His neck and his face were both bright red.
  • Xi Qingchuan had gotten up from the sofa as well. He pulled up his pants, plucked his shirt off the back of the chair and put it on. Then, he glared at me sideways, through his long hair.
  • My legs turned to jelly instantly. I didn’t understand why I was the one feeling guilty. He was the one with a secret that I had just exposed.
  • “President, I couldn’t stop her,” his female secretary said with a teary voice. Bai Yu brushed past me, his face still colored a deep flush.
  • A hero knew when to pick his fights. I turned around and followed the two hurriedly, intent to make my escape.
  • It was then that I heard footsteps behind me. One hand circled my wrist and with a slight yank, pulled me into an embrace.
  • I smacked into Xi Qingchuan’s hard, muscular chest. My heart almost leapt right out of my body.
  • My mind was completely paralyzed at this point. I couldn’t even form proper sentences.
  • “I didn’t see anything. I won’t tell anyone anything. I’ll help you keep this a secret, I promise.”
  • He suddenly placed his hand on the small of my back. His palm was a scalding heat that burned like hot iron.
  • “What secret?” His white teeth flashed as he smiled.
  • “Erm, I’m not going to discriminate against you. When it comes to sexual preference, whether you like men or women, that’s all up to you…”
  • I was suddenly lifted into the air. He had lifted me off the ground, and then dumped me onto the sofa.
  • He pressed down on me. I couldn’t help but remember how Bai Yu had pressed down on him earlier.
  • His shirt was still unbuttoned. I could see his firm, muscular chest and his flat, muscled abdomen.
  • How could he be a bottom when he looked like this?
  • I thought I had only thought that in my head. But I had stupidly said it out loud as well.
  • He frowned.
  • “It looks like I really have to silence you.”
  • What did he mean by that?
  • I stopped thinking altogether. Xi Qingchuan’s face was pressing down towards me. His lips kissed mine.
  • It was as if I had been wearing a sweater knitted from wool of poor quality, and the sudden snap of static electricity had shocked me and fried my brain.
  • When I finally came to my senses, his tongue and the faint residue of alcohol had slipped between my teeth…
  • What was going on?
  • Wasn’t he a homosexual? Wasn’t he a bottom? Why was he fondling me as well?
  • We had been married for six months, and he hadn’t given me a proper look the entire time. But now, after I had walked right into his secret, he was…
  • Snap! My fishnet sweater became a beautiful tattered mess and slipped down my shoulder.
  • I stared at Xi Qingchuan’s handsome yet glacier-cold face, my eyes widening. Revelation suddenly dawned upon me.
  • This was a punishment.
  • The punishment for arriving at his office uninvited, barging in without knocking, and witnessing his secret.
  • “Xi Qingchuan,” I wriggled underneath him. “Let me go. I didn’t do it on purpose.”
  • “Stop moving. You’re making me excited,” his soft pants brushed my ear.
  • My words got stuck in my throat. I forced them out in a strained voice.
  • “You’re gay, why are you getting aroused by a woman!”
  • “Guess.” He gripped my bra and yanked, hard. The straps snapped, cutting the skin on my shoulders.
  • I yelled out in pain. The next moment, an even more intense agony erupted in another part of my body.
  • “Xi Qingchuan, aren’t you a bottom?” I clenched my teeth and shouted.