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Beg! I'm Your Master

Beg! I'm Your Master

Ava Harrison

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Papers From Hell

  • Maya’s POV
  • "Damon, please, I'm begging you, let me go," I pleaded desperately as Damon tugged my tied hands with his tie.
  • I was very scared right now, and Damon's eerie gaze sent shivers down my spine. I tried to search for any hint of emotion in his eyes, but they were as empty as his conscience.
  • "I love it when you beg," Damon muttered, snipping away at my white dress, tearing it into pieces until I stood completely naked before him. "Beg, Maya, beg!"
  • I swallowed hard.
  • "Oh, so you're being disobedient, aren't you?" Damon teased, poking his tongue into my ear. "I like that too," Damon added, digging his fingers into my backside. "Because now, I have every reason to do to you what I've always wanted to do. Maya..."
  • Being a journalist had its risks, and today, had been particularly eventful to me. I had narrowly escaped a stray bullet during a clash between criminals and the police.
  • To make matters worse, my family was not supportive. My parents favoured my sister Anna more than me, and my siblings also treated me poorly.
  • "Maya, I want to know if you're willing to make a sacrifice for your family."
  • My father suddenly asked me a strange question after dinner and I was confused.
  • "I don't understand, father. But yes I can make a sacrifice for my family."
  • "No matter how significant?" he prodded.
  • I felt uneasy about where all of this was heading, but I still answered, "No matter how big, father."
  • He nodded and reached for a briefcase beside him. From it, he pulled out a paper and handed my a pen. "Sign this," he said, giving my the paper.
  • This time, I had to ask, "What is this?"
  • "This will be proof of your love for your family," he broke eye contact with mine and looked out of the window before explaining further, "Anna found the reports on Cosa Nostra that you've been working on."
  • My project on the Nostra dome was personal, should not be seen by anyone. How had Anna stumbled upon the papers in my room?
  • "And she turned it over to the police for a small reward. “
  • I gasped, feeling shattered. I knew Anna had messed with a horrible group of people. No matter how Anna had treated me, I still did not want her got in these kind of trouble.
  • “Luckily, the Don had an insider who got the papers, so they're safe. But the Don..." My breath was shaky. "Wants something in return if we want to keep our lives."
  • "What's that, father?" I asked, willing to do anything to help my family. If it meant going public and admitting that everything on that paper was a lie, I was ready. Maybe then I could finally earn my parents' love. "What do I have to do, father?"
  • My father looked me coldly and replied,”Don Damon needs a slave and you will instead of Anna to be his slave, and agree whatever he says.”
  • "father, I apologize, but I did not get you. I would appreciate a clearer explanation." I said cautiously.
  • I couldn't believe what I had just heard, so I seriously asked my father again. But before I could finish my sentence, my father slapped me.
  • "What clearer explanation do you need? You're worthless..."