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Babysitting Mr. Powers' Daughter

Babysitting Mr. Powers' Daughter

Lola Ben

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Thanos's Fingers

  • “Good morning, baby.”
  • That strange yet soothing voice caused my eyes to snap open faster than Thanos’s fingers. For a second, I trained my sight on the familiar ceiling above me because I could already tell that I had once again brought home another stranger after a long night of drinking.
  • My head started to race, trying to figure out what and what happened the previous night.
  • Even though one thing was sure- I entered the clubhouse drunk and then got extra drunk- it was necessary I remember who I hooked up with.
  • Ugh...who am I kidding? I won’t remember shit. My nightlife is a shitty cycle.
  • A shitty, shitty cycle.
  • Once it was established that I am indeed stupid, I braced myself to face the man I had foolishly brought into my house with the intention of having crazy and drunk sex with. It is the type of sex I would never remember and that is the most perfect because I don’t exactly work well with feeling ashamed.
  • Gently, I sat up.
  • But my head hurt madly, I had to groan and grab both sides of my head. I tell you, the after-effect of intense drinking feels new every other day, it is almost as though I am yet to get used to the aftermath of my insane nightlife.
  • After sweeping my long black hair out of my face with a small shake of my head, my hands still grabbing my head, I finally noticed the stranger I brought home.
  • Sitting in front of me was an all-smiling, cute Asian dude, probably Indonesian. I would have returned his smile because it was that contagious, but a battle was still going on in my head.
  • “Good morning, Rose,” he greeted.
  • Shit. I must have taken up another identity again.
  • “Hiii...” I wished to pretend that I was happy to see him, but my mouth failed to cooperate. My mouth was too lazy.
  • “I made you a hangover relief juice. It is my Grandma’s special.”
  • I narrowed my eyes at the green juice pushed to my face.
  • “Your Grandma has hangovers too?”
  • He chuckled, his motion vibrating the weak bed in a way that caused me to feel a sharp tug in my head. “Ouch. Ouch.” My face squeezed to relay the pain I was feeling.
  • “Oh my, are you fine?” Continuously hearing the tenderness in his voice would have been enough to cure my pain, but it sadly wasn’t enough.
  • Neither was his cute face.
  • “Could you maybe not laugh? My head is...” He lifted one of his thick brows and I instantly began to eye the greenish liquid in his cup.
  • Then, seconds later, without bothering to ask what the exact content of the cup was, I snatched the object from his hand and downed half of the juice without pausing.
  • When I finally took a break from drinking, I sensed the bitter aftertaste. I masked the way I felt with a short smile and the man gave me a grand smile in return.
  • His attentiveness yet to disappear, he said, “You will feel better very soon.”
  • After a quick nod, I began to scan my room. It was necessary to know what damage we might have caused the room during our possibly heated romp.
  • But everything was looking neat. Even my drawer was well arranged. On a normal day, it never is. My eyes went to the floor again, and I noted that there was no sign of discarded clothing.
  • With a confused look, I faced Mr. Cute who was still smiling at me like I was his favourite video game.
  • “Uh...” I paused because I quickly realised that I still didn’t know his name. Honestly, I am not used to knowing the names of men I wake up to find on my bed the next day.
  • A simple thank you and goodbye always did the work.
  • As if he knew what was on my mind, the man answered, “David. My name is David.”
  • I dropped the half-filled cup onto the little stool beside my bed and dashed him a quick smile before asking, “David... Why is my room looking like an unused hotel room?”
  • “Oh, last night when we got back from the club, you kept wondering what it would be like if you had a genie who would wish your room tidy. It was fun to watch you pretend to be Aladdin.”
  • My eyes widened a bit as I processed what he had just said. “So, we didn’t...have sex?”
  • He got up and said, “Nope.”
  • “Huh?” My shock failed to hide itself. “Are you sure?”
  • “Yeah. You did say you wanted to have sex but you thought I was gay because I was talking to the bartender in a way you found suspicious. So, you told me to take you home and here we are.” He put his hands on his waist and gave another grand smile.
  • “Wow.” I was still shocked. My vicious nightly pattern has been broken thanks to David and I am really shocked about that. Because David doesn’t seem gay in any way.
  • Or...
  • My eyes slightly narrowed, and I asked, “Are you gay?”
  • “Nope. Honestly, I wanted to sleep with you badly, but I just couldn’t do it for some reason.” He shrugged, a pretend nonchalant look on his face.
  • “Wow.” I think it’s a good thing that nothing happened. It is nice to know that I am making progress with the way I live my life.
  • True to David’s words, my headache had reduced and that meant it was time to go to work. I tried to rack my brain to remember which day it was; Monday? Tuesday?
  • Whichever it is, I need to prepare for work. Hopefully, I don’t see a zombie when I look in the mirror.
  • “I need to check what I am cooking,” David announced as he adjusted his t-shirt and made our eyes meet. “You would love to have breakfast, yeah?”
  • I nodded in affirmation and got off the bed.
  • Isn’t he so extra cute? He is making breakfast for me even though we didn’t get any action.
  • “Wait....” I stopped David whose averagely-built figure was already at the door. He turned, raised a brow, and I asked, “What time is it?”
  • “Uh... last time I checked it was ten-thirty or so.”
  • “Oh, okay... What?!” I screamed. “Are you sure your time is correct?”
  • “Yes. It should be eleven o’clock by now.”
  • My eyes widened more and I could feel my head dance in an unpleasant way.
  • “David... I am freaking late for work!”
  • Why am I fucking screaming at him as if he is the reason I got stupidly drunk?
  • Argh!
  • Hurriedly, I got rid of the gown I had on to expose my bra-covered boobs, and naked pubic area to David who I could have sworn let out a groan at some point.
  • But before he quickly excused himself, he urged me to try to hurry.
  • “Please, pack my breakfast! Thank you!”
  • I grabbed my folded towel from the end of the bed and rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower.
  • I could have opted to excessively spray my body with perfumes of different brands, but the smell I was getting from my body was discomforting, so sacrificing five minutes to bathe didn’t seem like a task.
  • In no time, I was putting on a pair of blue and silver check trousers and a blue T-shirt supported by my very comfortable black slip-on shoe. I grabbed my phone and office bag and rushed out of the room.
  • “David, is my breakfast ready?” I took a quick look around my little living room while I fiddled with the earring I was putting on.
  • David walked out of the kitchen on cue and stretched a brown bag in his hand toward me.
  • After a quick appreciation was thrown in his direction, I grabbed my car keys from my bag and rushed out of the apartment. It was when I got into the car that I remembered that I forgot to tell David to make sure he leaves before I get back.
  • It was already strange enough that a man I didn’t know just made me breakfast.
  • But, right now, David, is the least of my issues.
  • Grateful that my apartment was on the ground floor, I roughly backed my car out of the underground garage and soon, I joined the busy roads of Manhattan.