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Babies For Mr.CEO

Babies For Mr.CEO


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • The test results were out, yes that which she wanted, ever since he denied his presence that night.
  • ****
  • A man in white uniform, strode in and took his seat opposite her, cold chills ran through her spine from the seriousness across the man's face.
  • She couldn't wait to see the result and put it to Brant that she was never a fool all these years.
  • After taking advantage of her state of sobriety five years ago, he could stand up to say he wasn't the father of her kids, she was sure he was the father of her children and no one else and she was ready to prove to him that he was wrong, requesting a DNA test should solve it all.
  • The day before, she had come with the kids together with him for the test and she decided to come for the results herself to prevent forgery.
  • "Miss. Delaney, here are the DNA results you requested," Bianca received the sealed brown envelope without hesitation from the man in white, It's something she had earnestly craved for.
  • Nervousness could be felt in her actions, instantly tearing off the sealed envelope and scanning through it, she gulped and read the results over and over again to be sure she wasn't dreaming over the results.
  • She lifted her face after a few minutes which was now teary. "Doctor, this isn't real. Are you sure all of this here belongs to me? Are you sure you haven't misplaced my document with that of another, because it seems too false to be true," Bianca yelled with her tiny voice in the air, hitting her fist against the table.
  • The doctor tried speaking but she gave no gaps for an explanation. She rose from her seat, and leaned over holding the doctor by his collar, which he tried pulling off with his hands but hers were with a greater grip.
  • "Just tell me it isn't true," Bianca finally spoke softly with a sigh of dissatisfaction.
  • 'It's true Miss. Delaney, all that's there is real." He replied with a faint voice, choking due to the tight grip on his collar.
  • She pulled off his collar in anger. "If I later find out there was a mistake in this result, I'll sue you for inefficiency," she rumpled the documents into the envelope and stormed out of the office to the parking lot.
  • She got into her car, heaving a deep sight that got her throwing her head backward with her eyes shut and her heart thumping hard. "What if the results were real?" She mused within her. All these years she was pregnant for an unknown man.
  • She sighed, locking her seatbelt in preparation to start the engine when her phone chirped, she smashed her lips to the chirping phone. The call got consistent and she decided to pick up without staring at the caller ID.
  • "Yes what is it," she yelled out venting her anger across the phone.
  • "Bianca, see me at my place as soon as possible," the voice from the other end shut through and cut the call. The voice sent cold chills down her spine causing her to realize who the caller was. she bit her lips hard, not too sure of what to tell him.
  • The blaring honk of a car came from behind, only then did she realize she had blocked the path of exiting cars with her vehicle. She apologized with a wave and zoomed off.
  • Her head was burning hot, she was in between Brant and her kids. Those small sharp kids were already squeezing the life out of her from their questions as regards their father and just when she was calm enough that she had found him everything seemed unclear.
  • She soon arrived at Brant's villa, parked her vehicle with a sigh, and walked in. She buried her mind in the thoughts of either owning up to being wrong or keeping the results to herself.
  • " I guess it's better he knows now than later, that will be the definition of a bigger fool," she muttered to herself. Walking into the study room as directed by one of the maids.
  • "Here I am Brant, you called for me, I wouldn't be staying long as I have a lot to do." She tried comforting herself before him, trying to avert his gaze which always made her blush years back. He shook his head and rose to his feet, standing before her with a reasonable distance in between.
  • "I'm sorry for the hurts and the pains I caused Bianca," he clasped her hand in his, she tried taking her hands off but the feeling was too much to resist. His strong cologne blew across her nose.
  • "I know the kids aren't mine, but I will take full responsibility for them." She tried taking her hands out of it but it was too late, he locked lips with her
  • a hot kiss that got her breathless. Those lips she had always craved for back in times, soft, succulent.
  • "What the heck am I doing?" She mused but slowly surrendered to his grip, losing her senses to his touch, she broke off from the kiss breathing heavily.
  • "I'd take care of them as my own," the whisper came through which earned her staring into the same innocent-looking eyes of five years back.
  • ***
  • "Hey, baby what's going on h-," a sweet feminine voice shot through, causing her to disengage from the glance immediately, the door to the study room wasn't locked so she could walk in unnoticed.
  • Bianca checked her head sideways to the source of the feminine voice. "You! Brant!" She exclaimed. He tried touching her to pacify her which she bluntly refused, picking her bag on the seat and taking a few steps then a pause.
  • " I'm sorry Brant but there would be no need for that." finally spilling and irking the presence of a new lady, standing by the door even stunned by who the lady was.
  • She walked out and jammed the door behind her.
  • "Bianca, it's not what you think." His voice fell