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Chapter 961 The Ouyang Family’s Predicament

  • “You’ve found them?” Tang Wai sat up straight as his expression darkened. “Follow them and find out where they stay!”
  • “Yes, sir!” The person on the other end of the line nodded before hanging up right away.
  • Tang Wai’s mood was grave as he looked back and glanced at the car behind him. Actually, according to what Tang Yuanbo had in mind, Tang Wai should stay beside him the whole time and receive a large inheritance from him after his death.
  • Tang Wai thought so as well at first, but he discovered that as Tang Yuanbo changed from day to day, the latter had become younger and younger, and his physical strength grew. Not only that—he even seemed to call for girls every day a little more frequently than usual.
  • Tang Wai didn’t know when Tang Yuanbo would die if things went on like this, nor did he know how long it would take before he obtained these things.
  • Just then, the chauffeur looked back and asked in a low voice, “Where should we go, Mr. Tang?”
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