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Chapter 959 The Tang Family’s Wine

  • “I once heard that men are faithful throughout their lives. They like 18-year-old girls when they are 18 years old and still do at the age of 28 and 38,” said Shan Xuezhu before turning to look out of the window with a smile on her face.
  • Tang Yin was nonplussed for a moment. He chose Ouyang Xiang not because of her age, but because he had spent some time with her before.
  • If he was in Ouyang Xiang’s company, he wouldn’t be as nervous as when he was with Ouyang Yan or Ouyang Dan.
  • As for the 18-year-old thing, he didn’t understand what Shan Xuezhu was talking about.
  • Shan Xuezhu looked back and continued. “If you want to attend the ball, you may have to submit a document and see if Madam Louise agrees to let you attend it…”
  • “Sure, no problem with that!” Tang Yin nodded and took the document before turning around to walk out of the living room.
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