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Chapter 951 The Family’s Secret Land

  • The sound of the running water was especially familiar, and Tang Yin immediately recalled the Dark River at the foot of the mountain.
  • Previously, when he first arrived at the Snow Mountain of Nine Dragons, Tang Yin and Duanmu Yang fought each other. In the end, Duanmu Yang pushed Tang Yin into the Dark River.
  • After that, Tang Yin carried Yuan Zhian while walking along the Dark River. They then arrived at a karst cave filled with stalactites.
  • There was the sound of running water in the valley, and he suspected that it was connected with the Dark River.
  • “Over here!” Zhuge Pei stood rooted to the spot while differentiating the direction. Then, she led Tang Yin deeper into the valley.
  • White snow filled both sides of the valley, whereas the inner part of the valley had thick trees providing a pleasant shade.
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