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Chapter 901 The Tang Family’s Strike

  • It had been six days since Tang Yin and Zhao Yu entered the desert.
  • In these six days, there was no news of them at all. No one saw any of them, except for Tao Qingfan who brought a child home.
  • The Xu Family and the Tang Family had been suffering for six days, and they were all waiting for the news from Africa. As soon they receive any news, they would launch their attack.
  • Three days ago, Jiang Hui had confirmed the plan to attack Mount Wang, so she had gotten all her plans in good order. However, there was a visitor that came to the Tang Family’s manor this morning.
  • Huang Ting stood awkwardly in the courtyard as he raised his head to look at the Patriarch of the Tang Family and his wife. Smiling faintly, he said, “Elder Wang told me that you might not be used to living here in Beijing, so he sent me here to take care of you. If you have anything you need me to do, don’t be afraid to ask for my help!”
  • “How could we not be used to living in Beijing? We were from China!” Jiang Hui glared angrily at him and turned to walk toward the house.
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