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Chapter 82 Wang Yanchao’s Next Trick

  • Tang Yin felt speechless when he saw Ji Youyou behaving the way she was. “Am I really that scary?”
  • “No…” Ji Youyou lowered her head as she crumpled the hem of her clothes.
  • Tang Yin grinned and asked, “What do you think of Wang Yanchao?”
  • “Wang Yanchao?” Ji Youyou’s face turned bright red instantly.
  • She had guessed that it’d be something fishy from the look on Tang Yin’s face just now and now that he had asked the question, it turned out that he was asking her about Wang Yanchao.
  • “Yes, what do you think of Wang Yanchao?” asked Tang Yin as he tilted his head and looked at Ji Youyou with gusto.
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