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Chapter 776 The Han Family’s Current Situation

  • “Indeed, we can’t just let this go! Otherwise, how would our Han Family be able to survive in Shanghai?” Han Fei said furiously.
  • Han Rui turned to walk out the door and gathered his bodyguards. “Prepare your men. We will be heading to Merlington Park!”
  • The bodyguards nodded their heads and turned to head out. Han Fei walked out and felt quite grateful in his heart to see his cousin standing by his side. They left the Han Residence and headed straight toward Merlington Park.
  • Meanwhile, Han Siyu, who was in the office had received a call from Ding Xuan. Tang Yin had arrived! When Han Siyu heard the news, her body almost trembled in fright. She still vividly remembered the shock she experienced during the last two Tang Family Annual Meeting that she attended. The shock she experienced was tantamount to planting a nightmare in her mind.
  • “Prepare the car. We will be heading to Merlington Park this instant!” Han Siyu dropped all the work she had in her hands and rushed straight to the elevator. She had not forgotten the words that Han Qi specifically left right before she jumped off the shark feeding platform. In the future, the Han Family will be centered on the Second Young Master!
  • At this time, Tang Yin had just finished performing acupuncture therapy. He grasped Ding Xuan’s wrist with one hand and channeled all his Inner Energy to Ding Xuan. Back then, Hu Song had said it would take at least ten years for Tang Yin to help cure Ding Xuan’s illness. Hu Song was able to make such a certain statement based on his own understanding of Inner Energy. Since Tang Yin had cultivated The God Record, the Inner Energy in him was inexhaustible. Therefore, he didn’t have to bother much when he was treating Ding Xuan’s minor illness.
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