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Chapter 658 Tang Yin’s Refusal

  • “That’s right! That’s right! That’s what Tang Yin mentioned! The Nine-Yangs Acupuncture Therapy!” Ouyang Chen then shifted his eyes to Dr. Sun, who appeared to be his savior. “That’s how he fooled me. I should have known that what he gave me was poison! I’m going to kill this bastard!”
  • With the prescription in his hands, Dr. Sun carefully read through the lines and patted his forehead. “Oh dear! Now I know what this is all about.”
  • “What’s wrong, Dr. Sun?” Ouyang Mingxiu gazed at Dr. Sun in a confused manner. Poisoned, Ouyang Lu knew Dr. Sun was his only hope to survive. Therefore, his eyes were desperately glued to the doctor.
  • “With the incorporation of the Nine-Yangs Acupuncture Therapy, the prescribed medicines written here will no longer be poisonous. Instead, they become a perfect remedy to Old Master Ouyang’s migraine! The Nine-Yangs Acupuncture Therapy has been lost for generations, but I’ve heard a thing or two about it. The therapy’s biggest purpose is to warm and detoxify the patient’s body.”
  • “What did you just say?” Ouyang Mingxiu was confused as his face changed.
  • “No way! This can’t be!” Ouyang Chen was instantly dumbfounded upon hearing that. His plan was to put the blame on Tang Yin for all that happened, only to be thwarted when he realized the Nine-Yangs Acupuncture Therapy really existed.
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