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Chapter 599 The Return of Tiandihui’s Leader

  • Tang Ai directly fell on her knees with a thud.
  • Yuan Zhian lowered her head and sneered.
  • Grievance and fury were written all over Tang Ai’s face as she glowered at Yuan Zhian.
  • Yuan Zhian scoffed and gazed at Tang Lishan. “What about you?”
  • Tang Lishan was startled for a moment as her furious-looking face flushed. “Do you want me to kneel down as well?”
  • “Tang Lishan…” Yuan Zhian said coldly, “If it weren’t for you, Tang Yin wouldn’t have been injured so badly. If it weren’t for you, you and your daughter wouldn’t have come to such a point. I know you’re not resigned, but you better show enough penitence when I don’t have the intention of killing you… Otherwise, the family of three of yours will have to die here…”
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