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Chapter 597 Tiandihui’s Internal Affairs

  • Hu Song had known some of these people in the past. Some of them were rising stars who had heard about Hu Song. Seeing Hu Song in a wheelchair now, their expression changed.
  • “Mr. Hu…” A man in his thirties cupped his hands and inquired with a smile, “We haven’t heard about your news for many years. How have you been?”
  • “I’m great!” Hu Song smiled faintly.
  • “Hu, I’d never expected that you’d be wheelchair-bound. Life is full of uncertainties, isn’t it?” A burly and bearded man stared at Hu Song.
  • Hu Song nodded with a smile without saying a word. The young man was Li Hanting, a rising star from the Green Gang. Before Hu Song retired back then, they had a chance to meet up. Many years had passed, and things had changed drastically. The young man had grown up to be the leader of the Green Gang. The burly man was Hanks, who came from the Biker Gang. He was a born and bred American.
  • The last person who came in was the leader of the Mafia in America. The fully bearded man was in his forties. His blue eyes seemed to exude a melancholic aura. He was Augusto.
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