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Chapter 578 Mojade’s Hope

  • “Very well. If he doesn’t die in three days, then our partnership is off!” Tang Lishan spat out a warning and hung up.
  • Since yesterday, Tang Lishan had reached the one-month deadline, and she only pulled through by the skin of her teeth after taking a lot of tranquilizers.
  • From last night until now, she was tortured to no end by the Love Magic. In the end, she had hired six or seven bodyguards to stand outside the door so that she could ask for them whenever she needed them.
  • Tang Lishan’s entire body was sore and in pain for the entire night. In fact, she had no energy left in her.
  • Throwing her phone aside, she lay on the bed, her eyes blank. She reached out a hand to scratch her face and felt an instant, sharp pain. Her eyes widened as she saw the bits of skin and blood on her fingertips.
  • If she could not find a cure in time, her entire body would rot, and she would die!
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