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Chapter 54 I Don’t Like You

  • Countless gazes fell upon Ji Youyou’s face; some were mocking, some were taunting, and some stood rooted to the spot in utter disbelief at their first sight of her. Meanwhile, some of the students, who had already known of Ji Youyou’s skin affliction, just watched the show, unperturbed by her looks.
  • Ji Youyou stood still and lowered her head as the tears flowed down her face and splashed onto her desk.
  • Tang Yin’s face was stoic and a dangerous gleam appeared in his eyes.
  • “Look carefully, this is our class’ Ji Youyou—she’s so ugly—do you still think that she’s the one you’re looking for?!” Wang Rui let go of all her modesty and cried out.
  • Wang Yanchao paused, but quickly walked over to them. “Ji Youyou, I’ve liked you for a really long time!”
  • A deathly silence fell over the classroom.
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