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Chapter 496 We’re Square Now

  • The trio from the Ji Family were experienced in the business world and could easily detect the disdain in Jiang Hui’s eyes. However, they were uncomparable to Jiang Hui in terms of their status so they obediently followed Miao Bai without any thought of voicing out their displeasure.
  • After the trio took their seats, the Ji Family bodyguards stood by the door, afraid to even lift their heads. Before arriving at the Cloud Villa, Ji Ding had specially ordered their bodyguards to bury their heads in the sand no matter what problems arose and never to start a conflict with the Tang Family members.
  • Jiang Hui rested her body against the sofa and gave a sweeping glance across the three faces in front of her in silence. The atmosphere in the living room instantly turned awkward.
  • Ji Ding felt jittery in his heart and Li Chengshuang looked pale as her breath shortened. Compared to the two, Ji Mu was slightly more composed although she was only putting up a brave face.
  • “Has the Xie Family arrived?” Jiang Hui was silent for a long time before a smirk appeared on her face.
  • Ji Ding felt pins and needles on his scalp as he lowered his head without responding. That made Li Chengshuang feel panicky and force a rather awful smile. “The Xie Family? The engagement is between our families, so what does the Xie Family have to do with it? Why would they even show up here?”
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