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Chapter 484 Yuan Zhian’s Trap

  • “What do you mean ‘I’?” Li Chengshuang chuckled. Then, she continued, “Young people like you shouldn’t be embarrassed about this. I have been in your shoes before, so how could I not know how you feel about Ji Youyou? You only have Youyou in your eyes, so my judgment is certainly correct. If you are unwilling to say it, you can come to the Ji residence tomorrow night. Then, we can sit down and discuss this issue properly. If possible, you and Youyou can get engaged. Then, you can just leave the wedding to your elders…”
  • Xie Ansheng’s expression changed dramatically.
  • “Alright, it’s settled. You are invited to our place tomorrow night.” Li Chengshuang smiled and quickly hung up the phone.
  • Xie Ansheng leaned back against the chair. He was in a daze at the moment. Get engaged to Ji Youyou? Did he really dare to do that? If Tang Yin brought his men along, what would be the consequences later? Putting aside Tao Huaisheng, Anderson would be enough to deal with the Xie Family already. If Tao Huaisheng joined the fray, Xie Ansheng was afraid that the Xie Family would not be able to withstand their assaults.
  • Li Chengshuang was currently in the Ji residence now, and she was beaming from ear to ear at the moment. “I invited Ansheng over for a meal tomorrow night over the phone just now. So, we can directly settle their engagement over dinner.”
  • “Do we need to inform Youyou about this?” Ji Ding asked.
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