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Chapter 441 The Second Master of the Tang Family’s Tactic

  • Tang Yin turned his head as he fixed his attention upon Tang Yuanbo. “Grandpa, are you trying to come up with an excuse for Tang Wei since you think she had lost?’
  • “I don’t care whether this violates the terms of the agreement! Nobody is allowed to touch the regional head of the Tang Family! They are the pillars of the Tang Family. Moreover, they are the ones holding up most of the Tang Family’s businesses. If they were to jump into the shark feeding platform, how will the Tang Family gain a foothold in this world?!” Tang Yuanbo yelled.
  • “Grandpa, you really have a way with words.” His speech didn’t move Tang Yin as he turned his attention upon Tang Yuanbo. “If he is the pillar of the Tang Family, then how did he end up as another person’s bargaining chip?”
  • Tang Wei stumbled as her expression turned pale. Bargaining chip? She had indeed considered them as her bargaining chips. The only thing was, she did not expect herself to lose. She knew for a fact that Tang Yin did not know how to gamble since a long time ago. Moreover, Tang Yin had been losing all the time during the last few Tang Family Annual Meetings. Who knew that he would employ such a tactic this year?
  • “What’s the matter?! Am I wrong?!” Tang Yin was filled with bloodlust as he commanded, “Mr. William, stand up!”
  • Mr. William’s expression looked dark, and so did the expressions of the group of people behind Tang Wei. Speaking of bargaining chips, they were bargaining chips as well. If Tang Wei were to continue this gamble, Mr. William would not be the only one who would perish.
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