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Chapter 43 Zhang Hanzhong’s Fury

  • Tang Yin couldn’t be bothered about him. He merely took a step forward and laughed drily. “Madam Yun, I think I am not welcomed here. So, I will be taking my leave first!”
  • Manager Yun raised her eyebrows slightly. “Where is the invitation card we gave you?”
  • “It’s on me! I told them I got an invitation, but they did not believe me, and they wanted to chase me away…” Tang Yin fished out a golden invitation card from his pocket and spread his hands.
  • Zhang Lan took a look at the golden invitation card and felt a buzzing inside her head as she nearly fainted. All the invitation cards were handled by her, and she was the one who delivered them personally. Only the golden invitation card was rumored to have been given out personally by the Young Lady of the Meng Family, and there was only one.
  • How could this invitation card be in this person’s hands?
  • Wasn’t this person a pleb? Didn’t he come from an average background? I thought he couldn’t afford his own meals?
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