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Chapter 428 Arrival of the Tang Family’s Second Master

  • A shiver was sent down Tang Yin’s spine before he forced a smile. “Mom, you look younger again. I remember that you used to have wrinkles at the corner of your eyes. You look so vigorous, energetic, and much younger now! I’m afraid that no teacher will notice even if you join my class in college…”
  • “Join your class in college? I’m afraid that everyone will look for trouble for me then,” Jiang Hui said as she scanned Tang Yin from head to toe, while the latter simply brushed his nose, as he felt a little embarrassed.
  • “I asked you if you know what you have done wrongly!” Jiang Hui chided.
  • “Yes, I know!” Tang Yin made a grimace look.
  • “Tell me, what have you done wrongly then?” Jiang Hui questioned.
  • “Err…” Tang Yin couldn’t answer his mother’s sudden question.
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