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Chapter 414 Everyone’s Building Momentum

  • “What do you mean by that?” Tao Qingfan stared at Tang Yin curiously.
  • “I don’t have 2 billion, but I do have 20 million! Your initial investment does not need to be as high as 2 billion. Instead, you can start with tens of millions first. If you can capture a certain percentage of market shares later on, I will invest more accordingly. What do you think?” Tang Yin spread his hands helplessly and said, “If you agree with this, I’ll make an upfront investment; if not, you can ask Mr. Tao instead!”
  • “Alright!” Tao Qingfan nodded her head hesitantly.
  • “Great! Now get the hell out of here and get some rest!” Tang Yin waved his hand.
  • “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you tonight. Since I have taken your 20 million, I don’t mind sleeping with you! I mean, what if you refuse to make additional investments in the future?” Tao Qingfan said shrewdly.
  • Tang Yin’s eyes widened. “I have a girlfriend, you know…”
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